You guys are all so awesome for continuing to follow/reblog/etc

now that it’s summer i can actually get back to editing the beautiful Devon.

Anonymous asked: whats it like being famos and how are you soooooooooooooooooooooooo hot

im not devon

Anonymous asked: And is it possible if you could give me his autograph ?

um no?

waves-on-the-beach asked: When you sent Devon fanmail, did you include your own picture to be signed or did one just get sent? :)

nope he sent it!

Anonymous asked: I don't mean to be so anon, but I don't have a Tumblr. I just have your page bookmarked because I love it so much. =)

Question time! Are you allowed to share the address you sent your fanmail to? I recently wrote a rather long-winded letter explaining how much of an inspiration he is, how much I adore him, etc. and I was really hoping to send it out soon. I just never knew where to send it.

Thanks in advance if you can share! XO- Anon

just posted (:


Multiple people asked, so instead of answering every question I’m posting it here.

I sent my letter to

Devon Bostick
Stephanie Gorin Casting, Inc.
62 Ellerbeck Street
Lower level
Toronto, ON M4K 2V1

And recieved an autograph in 3-4 weeks

Sorry that i didn’t update last night

I legit just forgot

i have some questions about devon’s fanmail address

i’ll answer them later cause i have a shitload of math homework then have a family party to go to

but i promise i’ll share the address with you later (:

imapartycrusher asked: You have a freakin amazing collection of Devon pics!! You deserve an award. Honestly! You are fantastical!!

omg, thank you

maybe i’ll make myself an award

This autograph put me in a really great mood and made me want to come off hiatus

so i guess i’ll be returning tonight

I have to go study some more

but tonight, for sure, i will make my big return with edits, pictures, whateeeever.

wrote a fanletter!

 devonbosticksgirl replied to your photo:Look, it’s even addressed from him cause the…